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1st Vidigal against 1,155 pigeons semi-final Mira One Loft Race


Simon Wolf sent the pigeon 4018-17-CH with father 6669-15-CH great-grandson "Noble b" a G. & C. Merchant and mother the Eijerkamp pigeon NL15-1364413 "Paradise" (daughter "Big Spender") a Stefaan Lambrechts to the Mira One Loft Race.
This young pigeon, and full sister of the European Championship 2016 Mira, won the victory in the semi-finals:

  • 1st Vidigal 206 km. against 1,155 pigeons

Simon bred from the NL16-1254672 "Asadi Junior" and the DV0516-09-1460 daughter "Super Dohmen" the young pigeon 4031-17-CH and brought her to the Derby Riachos.
This young pigeon won on the final race:

  • 26th Derby Riachos 320 km. against 319 pigeons

It was a tough race and on the day of release, only 30 pigeons returned home.

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