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1st Final race Falaise 475 km. Who Dares Wins One Loft Race


The final of the One Loft Race "He Who Dares Wins" in England was flown from Falaise (475 km) on August 27th. The birds had to fly into a head wind. The 307 remaining pigeons competed for the top prize of £20,000 (Euro 22,000). This prize was won by sport friend Truszkowski.

  • 1st Final race Falaise 475 km. Who Dares Wins One Loft Race

After a flight of 7 hours the winner arrived all by itself racing at a speed of 1,221 yards pm. GB17-Z18412 was bred and entered by Tadt Truszkowski from Leicestershire. The mother of the winning pigeons was bred by Ian Crammond & Nigel Langstaff (UK) out of a direct Hooymans cock (son "Harry") paired to NL13-1804115 a daughter of "Carlos" a super son of the famous "Ché".
In addition to the prize money Tadt also won various nominations and pools for a total of £4,230. His total winnings amounted to almost EUR 26,500.  

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