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Eijerkamp pigeons perform extremely well on one loft races

One loft races are steadily becoming a bigger and more important phenomenon in the pigeon sport. The number of race around the entire globe is growing and fanciers are sending their pigeons to them more often. An often heard remark is that the quality of the pigeon for this type of racing is decisive, not the fancier himself! All the pigeons are prepared the same, the same feed, they are all housed in the same loft and there is no influence of wind and weather. Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp participate successfully on a small number of these races every year. Other fanciers enter descendants off Eijerkamp pigeons and realize many successes in this unique aspect of the pigeon racing sport.

We have gathered together a number of one loft race performances in a brief list.

Racing pigeon for sale Marshall
Marshall Cock
USD 599
Racing pigeon for sale Samira
Samira Hen
USD 1,198
Racing pigeon for sale Olympia
Olympia Hen
USD 958
Camron Sold Camron Sold
USD 838
Racing pigeon for sale Rapide
Rapide Cock
USD 1,198
Racing pigeon for sale Namira
Namira Hen
USD 1,198