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Oving, H.H. & Son, Borger (Testimonials Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp)

National Stars Shine Thanks to Eijerkamp

The success of our racing ( homing ) pigeons and breeding methods can be witnessed anew every year by the great number of thank you messages we receive. We read these thank you messages with great enthusiasm as the information they contain helps us keep our breeding pigeons at a top-level.

If you have straight, half or one quarter Eijerkamp racing pigeon that are performing well, mail your achievements to or click on the link send your results and not only you but your fellow fanciers will see your performance on our site.

Oving, H.H. & Son, Borger

a.o. 1st Weert against 4,729 pigeons (17/08/2017)

Harrie and his son Robert represented the Netherlands at the Olympiad in Brussels, with a.o. the NL12-1073103 "Olympic Mister Blue" cock in the Standard Class.
NL12-1073103 "Olympic Mister Blue" with the father of NL08-2050701 "Super 701" of H. Oving and son and with mother the Eijerkamp pigeon NL10-1271807 granddaughter "Euro" a Heremans-Ceusters.
"Olympic Mister Blue" won, a.o.:

  • 1st Boxtel against 1,611 pigeons from Rayon 6 and also
    1st Boxtel against 4,465 pigeons from Section 10 and also

    4th  Boxtel against 9,767 pigeons of Section 10
  • 1st Tessenderloo against 2,891 pigeons from Rayon and also
    2nd Tessenderloo against 9,598 pigeons from Section 10

This amazing beautiful cock won this season, a.o.:

  • 1st Weert 200 km. against 4,729 pigeons of Section 10

It appears that beauty goes along with delivering top performances!

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a.o 2nd Tessenderlo against 9,598 pigeons (08/01/2016)

Harry and Robert won with their NL12-1073103 "Mister Blue" who has as its father NL08-2050701 from W. A. de Bruijn out of "Super 546" x "daughter Nationaaltje" and as its mother NL10-1271807 a granddaughter of the "Euro";

  • 2nd Tessenderlo 234 km against 9,598 pigeons in Section 10 North

This cock only flew the natour in 2012.
The father of "Mister Blue" is a full brother to the "Super 803" who was the 2011 Ace Pigeon middle distance and Ace Pigeon short in Section 10.
The "Super 46"is also father of "Olympic Alinda" who was the highest classified Dutch old bird in the Standard Class at the 2015 Olympiade in Budapest.
"Olympic Alinda" flew the same race as "Mister Blue" and placed:

  • 13th Tessenderlo 234 km against 2,891 pigeons


The NL13-1651192 "Mooie 192" has as its father NL03-1141268 "Zoon Makana" from W.A. de Bruijn and as its mother NL10-1271897 a Heremans-Ceusters flew good prizes as a yearling on the dagfond and this season she flew:

  • 3rd Gennep 147 km against 3,785 pigeons

Harrie and Robert have additional Heremans-Ceusters pigeons from the Eijerkamp family and they produce top descendants in the 1st and 2nd generations, especially when crossed on the pigeons from W. A. de Bruijn who descend down from the "Super 546".

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